My first post about sleep…it won’t be the last….

I’m trying to write a post about sleep. In fact I started writing the post over three months ago. It’s too long, the middle drags. Hey – maybe I should read it to my kid at bedtime, she might sleep better.

Sleep and feeding, the two subjects on which I find EVERYONE has an opinion. Have you noticed how people will ask you if you have a “good” baby and will then immediately ask if they “sleep through the night?” By that measure, my kid must be a total jerk. As it happens, it’s just that she is not always able to connect her sleep cycles, thereby needing help from me – and by help I mean boob (gasp!).

Sleep is one of those very contentious topics and I’m too soft to properly take it on. I did however come across this article which I think sums up the matter perfectly*. I don’t feel remotely qualified to discuss the matter other than to state facts about my own experience.

My daughter’s sleep in her short lifetime has gone from “pretty reasonable actually” (being one stretch of at least 4-6 hours at night) to “oh my god, why does she hate me” bad (that would be waking every 1-2 hours) and back again. Three nights ago, I was awake with her from 2-5am. I was breastfeeding her most of the time, because that’s our go-to comfort object/sleep aid but she also threw in a tantrum when I didn’t go get my phone so she could listen to music. Of course – as you do.

One of the best pieces of advice I received before my daughter was born was that everything is a phase – both the good times and the bad – everything comes to an end or changes. I do my best to remember that when I’m up at 3am.

*Incidentally the author of this article, Emily Writes, has written a brilliant book called Rants in the Dark. I read it in the dark, once baby is asleep and let me tell you, it’s really hard to laugh silently.

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