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It’s not ideal but just roll with it…

Apparently, I say this quite often. I’m considering having the phrase tattooed somewhere on my person – perhaps in mirror image on my forehead…

My kid keeps lulling me into a false sense of security. Last week, after coming back from holiday she slept for 6-7 hours straight at night, waking only once. This was a miracle. Then she did it the next night too and the idiot that I am thought this was the start of a new normal. Well, she called bullsh*t on that and for the past few nights I’ve been up with her between 3-5 times. Last night she was up almost every two hours. It’s not ideal, but just roll with it, everything’s a phase.

Then there’s naptime. There I was thinking we were getting in the habit of having one midday nap in her cot but no… lately I’ve had to hold her, keep her on me. That’s why there hasn’t been a new blog post in a week.  In fact, in the last few days, the only time she’s napped elsewhere was when she was in the pram and even then she wouldn’t go to sleep unless she was holding my phone. It’s not ideal, but just roll with it, it’ll be different next week.

The constant feeling of “I’m doing this all wrong” which normally sits in the back of my mind has been creeping forward, presumably because of the lack of sleep. And just because the universe is REALLY FUNNY, it chose this time to send me the latest Baby Centre email entitled “Milestones: is your child on track?”

The functioning part of my brain said “don’t open it,” – after all, nothing good ever comes of reading such emails but clearly the communication pathways between brain and hands were malfunctioning and I clicked on the link anyway. I know, I’ve only myself to blame when I read that by 20 months most children have mastered the following skills:

  1. Can use a spoon and fork – weeellll…. I suppose technically sometimes she manages to scoop a little onto a utensil and maybe that will find its way to her mouth, but generally no, no she does not use a spoon and fork.
  2. Can run – Yup.
  3. Can throw a ball underarm – she manages to launch a ball using her hands, whether it would be considered underarm or overarm, I’m not sure…
  4. Will pretend to feed a doll – fairly sure that she saw a doll for the first time last week and was entirely puzzled by it.
  5. Can take off own clothes with help – sort of….
  6. Will throw away on object such as rubbish, in imitation – yes, I guess? I can’t think of a situation when the above has occurred…

One out of six – not ideal but just roll with it. Of course my brain has fixated on the above instead of thinking of all the other milestones she has reached, like jumping, kicking a ball, fairly clear speech, making a tower of 4 blocks (oddly specific  ) and naming several body parts. Might have shot myself in the foot with the latter as I discovered that singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes would stave off changing table tantrums caused by those evil buggers – sleeves…. Only as a joke I added “and bum” after toes and now she shouts “AND BUM” if I don’t add it myself when singing the song.

Am now concerned that mine will be the first kid to be thrown out of pre-school when she insists on singing her own version of said beloved childhood song. Or if not that, she will be thrown out for not using a spoon and fork. Got a year to work on it all – not ideal but I’ll roll with it….


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