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Where have I been? Watching Moana…

I haven’t written a post in over a month. I don’t think that’s a massive disappointment to my 12 readers but I am slightly disappointed that I allowed my weekly writing to slip away so easily. One of the reasons was that I didn’t know what to write about. Life’s simply been ticking along – nothing felt worthy of a blog post. Here’s a few things that have happened in the last few weeks:

1.The child is sleeping more reliably. Up to two hours in the middle of the day and in bed at around 8pm. Which has led me to think that it’s time to do more. So I submitted an application to study as a Mother Supporter with the ABM. It was approved and my study pack received within a week. In the initial excitement I also ordered three of the six suggested books from the reading list. Then as I sat down to get serious about this course, the procrastination dragon that has been forcibly suppressed in the newborn/baby/early toddler stage reared its head. I had actually forgotten what a champion procrastinator I am. So much that I’m writing this post instead of doing any research or reading. I have until the end of March 2018 to complete the module. I’m putting that on here so that I will be held accountable and will get my head down – eventually…. But why isn’t this worthy of its own blog post? Well, really… I kind of feel that could be a bit sanctimonious…. better to actually do some work before I blog about it.

2. I’ve watched Moana about 86 times. Not by myself. With the kid. It’s a brilliant film, I love it. And I’m actually really happy the child has expanded her viewing likes beyond Paw Patrol. We now have the Pups, Thomas and Moana queued up on the Sky box. Then I got excited and thought, maybe she’d like other Disney movies too. So I started with Frozen. She watched for 2 minutes before she started asking for Moana. I told her it was a “different Moana” – it was Elsa. Five minutes in kid says “no more Elsa?” – then she got up to find a toy to play with. I ended up watching it and I have to say that I found it a bit disappointing after the creative genius that is Moana. A few days later I tried Sing. She’s “watched” it before, months ago when her cousins were in town and we’ve been listening to the soundtrack for months so I thought she might like the familiarity of the music. Again, 5 minutes and “no more kwa-la (koala)!” Shame…… back to Moana we go….

3. I finished knitting myself a scarf. Again, woo hoo – who cares? I even started writing a post on why it took me a year and a half to knit a sodding, albeit quite long, scarf. It was because I’d put it down to make things for the kid. Last winter we went through 4 handmade hats (three made by me, one by a friend):

4 hats better

A couple of months ago I found a pattern for a cowl with bear ears, and then one that looked like a fox and I thought that could be fun for this winter. I made the bear cowl and tried to put it on the kid only to be met with her first sentence:

“Noooooo!!! I don’t like it hat!”

And at that point I wondered why I was trying so hard. She quite willingly wears the £3 H&M hat I purchased in a hurry, following an unforseen turn in the weather, so why bother? Why not do something for myself? So I finished my scarf. The blog post was going to be about self-care, about not falling down the rabbit hole of giving up everything you enjoy just to take care of your baby – but I hate that phrase. It makes my skin crawl. Who coined it? And I got that far in the draft of that post and didn’t know how to go on. I haven’t learned my lesson though. I’ve decided I want to knit my first jumper, but I thought it might be easiest to start with a small jumper – one sized for a kid….

4. As you may have noticed, the kid’s speech is coming along – phrases and sentences. Actually if I think about it, the sentence about the bear cowl was not her first. Her first came a couple of weeks earlier when we were driving out of a multi storey car park – the same one where I had, in the recent past, scratched the car. I took a sharp inhale as I went to make the tight left hand turn down the ramp and the kid pipes up with: ” Don’t worry Mama, you can do it!” And I laughed and laughed and somehow made it out of the car park without further damaging the car.

So that’s it, nothing massively groundbreaking but I’ll be back next week…. back on schedule….








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