I have re-possessed my desk from my husband. I have a shiny new laptop. I went to Ryman and Paperchase and bought lovely stationery (including a jumbo pack of Sharpies). With such a set-up, of course the next logical step is to try my hand at writing a blog. But what to blog about? I am a woman, I am an accountant, I am a wife, I am a sister. But my most recent designation is “mama.” Yes, another mummy blog. I know that there are probably hundred million (or perhaps “eleventy billion” to quote one of my favourite authors) mummy blogs out there so I am well prepared for the fact that no one may ever see these words…. But at least, perhaps in my head only, I will have justified the cost of the new laptop.

They say that the average person will have three careers in their lifetime. Well, this accountant has now found herself a stay at home mum to an amazing little girl. Actually, in less than a year after having our daughter, my wonderful, kind, clever husband (let’s call him Smug McUseless) got a new job, which meant moving to a new house, which meant me quitting my job. You’ll agree that that’s not the best combination of life events to occur in such a short space of time, but hey, life happens. We left the East Sussex countryside and swapped it for the Heathrow flight path. Housing was provided with the husband’s new job so I find myself in the privileged position of not needing to return to paid employment – so I haven’t, yet.

Why ‘Diary of Soft Mama?’ Well my nearest and dearest have been the source of many of the ideas for my stories and they all think I’m a bit soft on my daughter. I’m also still very soft in the belly – so you see the title works on various levels.