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We need to talk about Paw Patrol… 

A few months ago, I realised the only way to make dinner or do some exercise without a baby swinging round my ankles (or climbing on my back) would be to plant her in front of a cartoon (or two).

I can’t remember why I chose Paw Patrol, probably a recommendation from another mum, but now it can’t be anything else. No CBeebies, no Ben & Holly, just “Pups!”

Now I’ve watched PLENTY of episodes alongside the munchkin and there are a few thoughts that have come to mind (mostly in the shower this morning) :

1. Firstly, the obvious – 6 pups and only one girl? Please….. The random introduction of Everest in season 2 hardly makes up for it….

2. The adults are ridiculous… Mayor Goodway, I’m looking at you… 

3. Is there some untold tragic backstory to the children of Adventure Bay? Are the main kids all orphaned? Where are Ryder’s parents? Alex lives with his Grandpa and what about Katie? She runs her own business to support herself and her cat instead of going to school! Wikipedia calls Ryder a 10 year old genius inventor – so that explains why he doesn’t go to school….. 

4. Who pays for the Paw Patrol? I mean, they have some serious equipment – a fully kitted out HGV and plane. And maintaining the Lookout can’t be cheap. So is that all funded by Adventure Bay tax dollars or is Ryder like a young billionaire Bruce Wayne? I guess that would make Robodog his Alfred…

Sorry, rambling – I have a point, let me try make it. When I started Buggyfit, the instructor repeatedly stated that the British Medical Journal says that all babies need at least 20 minutes of daylight regardless of the weather. Obviously if this does not happen your baby will grow up to be anaemic, will never grow to their full height and you will be a total failure of a mum – add it to the list….. 

I guess I’m concerned about the amount of time my baby spends in front of a screen and how much she asks for it, literally from  the minute she wakes up until bedtime. I’ve taken to hiding all devices or, if she does find them, I tell her they’re broken – or in her words “uh oh bow-ken!” We’ve also started negotiating, which isn’t a bad thing. “Two episodes of Pups and then…”… fill in the blank. To date, it’s worked like a charm and she and I both stick to our ends of the bargain. 

Last week I had to take the baby to the doctor and to prevent an all out tantrum I gave her my phone. He noted how good she was at navigating between photos, music and other apps and told me not to worry, because screens and technology are just another language that she needs to learn that weren’t even present when I was a child. 

So I guess it’s inevitable… babies today are going to be instinctively curious about technology. There’s no point in trying to stop them – all we can do is try and strike a balance. In the meantime, I’ll try and get the kid to expand her viewing portfolio, if only for my own sanity. Maybe it’s me that needs to step away from the Pups….